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About Us

Aluline Precision Engineering provides a one-stop Precision Engineering
service to leading companies in the manufacturing, scientific and water industries.

Our high precision machined and sheet metal components are produced
on a comprehensive range of CNC machine tools. Our off-line CAD/CAM system is capable of receiving customer drawings electronically and producing machine programmes.


Why Choose us

Aluline Precision Engineering provides its customers with a full and comprehensive engineering service with the following advantages.

1. Low prototype and set up costs.

2. A quick and efficient service, from development to full batch manufacture.

3. A fully integrated computerised manufacturing system tracking customers orders from enquiries to invoicing of finished goods.

4. Highly skilled and experienced staff committed to quality and continuous improvement.

5. The ability to provide the customer from a 1 off prototype to regular batch manufacture including mechanical assemblies.

6. Our manufacturing and CAD/CAM systems are flexible allowing our customers the freedom to modify designs quickly to meet market demands.

7. We can offer through our customer and supplier partnerships advice on potential production problems in manufacture or finishing at the earliest stages of development.